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RESERVVD was created out of my own personal need for skin-care products that WORK, minus the harsh formulas used to preserve the mainstream products that claim wonders...

Since deciding to become more conscious of what I am putting in, and on my body, I began to see differences in the quality of my skin and overall energy. I am a fan of healing my mind, body and soul with the natural plants and herbs mother nature provided for us to use, the ingredients placed here, reserved for us, if we so chose.

I am choosing to share my knowledge with you.

Thank you for choosing to shop with me.

Understand that you are genuinely appreciated. 

What Do The Customers Think?

“I love the way your body butter melts down in my hands!”

“My legs feel so damn smooth after the scrub and butter and I smell delicious!”

“I used the body scrub in the shower and the smell is AMAZING!! I stayed in the shower like an extra three minutes just to smell the jar!”